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Discover what the 7 top selling course creators are currently doing.  Get the one thing that wasn’t being done 5 months ago that nobody knows about.

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Want to launch your course in 2022? There's one thing you ought to know.  There's a short window of opportunity for those who know about it.

What’s the best month to launch your course

If you launch in any other month, there’s a 50% greater chance of failure.

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Meet Your Trainer

Dr. Theresa has clocked more than 9 years of internet marketing experience (starting with SEO, Google ads then Facebook ads). She has specialized in the BELT™ Method for Facebook Advertising for the last 3 years. 

And, she did it after a successful 24 year doctoral level career in healthcare.

Dr. Theresa has generated revenue 3 times the amount spent on ads for her award winning clients.  This means your advertising becomes self-funding.

Her doctorate holding clients hail from across the U.S.

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